Q: What is a Stonemark?

A: Actually it's an ancient way of marking trails. Just chip off a big of rock in the secret fashion and you'll find your way back again. Its also the name of our company - Started long ago to help Clients buy and sell businesses. We are a privately held firm working diligently for reputable individuals and companies in various industries.

Q: Are housekeeper tips mandatory in Vacation Rentals?

A: Tips for housekeepers at lodging accommodations of all kinds have become the sign of considerate Guests and just plain good manners. Due to their square footage and amenities, housekeeping at Vacation Rentals is back-breaking work. Considerate Guests will leave a tip of five to ten percent of the total rent. Far less than at a restaurant, but housekeepers work far harder.

Q: What services does Stonemark offer?

A: Just two. We undertake business brokerage for quality Sellers. We perform acquisition searches for serious Buyers. The only challenge is in determining which Sellers and which Buyers are serious. If they are, we're the people to hire to make things happen.

Q: In what geographic area do you work?

A: In any area you choose. We started in the Northwest Untied States but have worked with clients in other locations too. In certain industries we have a national reach. With today's technology distance is no problem. The challenge is quality work and that is what we deliver.

Q: How long has Stonemark been in business?

A: Since about 1980. Wow, doesn't seem that long. Our principals have been involved in other businesses too, so things are energetic and fast paced.

Q: How many deals have you done?

A: Too many to count and in all kinds of ways. Business sales, acquisitions, licensing. But our goal is not to sell your business, or to find one to buy. Our goal is to improve the position of every Client in the best possible way.

Q: What are the fees for your services?

A: That depends entirely on what you want us to do for you, and what the project entails. Some deals are easy. Some are not. Our fees are commensurate. Give us a call for a free quote.

Q: Do you specialize?

A: No, but there are some industries we are particularly adept in. Travel, lodging, distribution and technology to name a few. But we've also worked on retail companies, wholesalers and service businesses.

Q: Does you finance businesses?

A: No. Capital raising is its own art. Our job is to find deals so good other people will finance them.

Q: How can you help me?

A: Depends on what you need. If you are serious about buying or selling a business we can help you do it quicker, quieter and more smoothly. We've done it countless times before. It will look complicated to you, but it's not for us. But we can only help if you call. So pick up the phone and dial 206-254-0221.

Q: How do I purchase a Travel Insurance Plan?

A: You can purchase a Vacation Rental Insurance plan directly through your vacation rental company.

Q: I've lost my logon or password. What do I do?

A: No problem. Just go to the Login Page of our website. Look for the "Forgot your Password" link. Or you can call us during business hours.

Q: Is there a deadline for checkout times?

A: Yes - cleaning rooms, condos, homes and resorts is a big job. It can take hours to make a place spic and span. Housekeepers need to start immediately upon departure. Staying late disrupts the cleaning schedule. Sorry.