Sample Stonemark Transactions

Stonemark principals have been involved in a great many transactions in a variety of industries and segments. Roles may have been as intermediary, investors or consultants. Here are but a few as an indication of our prowess.

  • Adventure NW acquired by Columbian Publishing
  • Amadeus Condos capitalized by Stonemark
  • Aiken Strut capitalized by Private Investors
  • Aerofuel acquired by Private Investors
  • Airgo Products acquired by Private Investors
  • Bavarian Soap Factory capitalized by Stonemark
  • Bedfinders acquired by Vortex Managers
  • Chain Gear acquired by Private Investors.
  • CPC Equipment acquired by Stonemark & Private Investors
  • Crystal Cabins acquired by Vortex Managers
  • Galland Building capitalized by Stonemark & Private Investors
  • GD Martin company acquired by Private Investors
  • Goldener Inns capitalized by Stonemark
  • Handsome Productions capitalized by Stonemark
  • KAPA Radio acquired by Private Investors
  • KDLN Radio acquired by Private Investors.
  • KMED Radio acquired by Champion Broadcasting
  • Lake Union Air acquired by Kenmore Air
  • Lamson Industries acquired by Private Investors
  • Master Press acquired by Private Investors
  • MBI Furniture acquired by ESOP
  • Mod Office acquired by Private Investors
  • Monitor Corporation acquired by Private Investors
  • NW Skier Magazine acquired by Columbian Publishing
  • NW Sailboard acquired by Columbian Publishing
  • Obertal Mall capitalized by Stonemark
  • Ocean Shores Reservations acquired by Vortex Managers
  • Plumbob Publishing capitalized by Private Investors
  • Praxis School of Art capitalized by Private Investors
  • Pyramid Recording capitalized by Stonemark & Private Investors
  • Quality Press acquired by Private Investors
  • Redstone Systems acquired by Redstone Internet
  • Sailboard News acquired by Columbian Publishing
  • Smith & Carson acquired by Chinook Lumber
  • Seattle Aero acquired by Private Investors
  • Signatours capitalized by Private Investors
  • Sterling Carpets acquired by Shaw Industries
  • Stewart Street capitalized by Stonemark
  • Sunspot Vacation Rentals capitalized by Stonemark
  • TDS Company acquired by Private Investors
  • Tenway Ltd capitalized by Private Investors
  • Vacation House Destinations acquired by Vortex Managers
  • Varoom Coop capitalized by Stonemark
  • Vortex Managers capitalized by Private Investors
  • Washington Creek Ranch capitalized by Stonemark
  • Willapa Properties capitalized by Stonemark
  • Woodcraft Industries acquired by Private Investors
  • Xtreme Publishing capitalized by Private Investors

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