Financial Consulting

Financial Consulting means different things to different people. Some think it is only accounting, or financial analysis or even related to publicly owned companies.

We think that is all wrong, because that is all too narrow.

Naturally Stonemark has a broad but precise grasp of financial concepts, processes, programs and the ability to grind numbers and make sense of them. But a funny thing happened on the way to the "Financial Consulting" business.

After looking at hundreds of companies, we found that most everything related to business finances starts with the baseline, the foundation of the business. That is where the tire meets the road. We saw it was impossible to separate operations, marketing, personnel and other basics from what happens when all those numbers are put on a page.

So our evaluation of a business is grounded in what they make, who runs the place, how the employees behave, who the customers are, why those use certain vendors and more, and more.

If you just want someone to crunch numbers, you will be best off to hire your accounting firm. But if you want an true insight into how your business runs and how that deeply affects your profit, our future and your ability to gain capital, borrow and - one day - sell the business or go public, then we are exactly who you need.

A-B-C's of Investment Banking

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