Equity Participation

People who run restaurants need to love food.

People who make movies need to appreciate good films.

And people in private investment banking need to enjoy investing.

We do. Stonemark principals, affiliates and staff have invested in, founded, operated and participated in a variety of industries.

Our criteria for projects are often shared by the investors we meet, and with whom we hope to invite into client projects. Our participation sometimes convinces capitalists to invest capital along side us.

Of course, we can not guarantee to be investors in every client project. And business owners are under no obligation to allow us or associates to invest. That decision is strictly in the hands of clients.

We only invest with full disclosure to ensure that our work for clients does not interfere with any investment we would consider.

Enthusiasm Breeds Action

Our personalities govern our actions and Stonemark people are often infected by the excitement that builds around a client's project. Surely we gain a solid appreciation of those companies by getting so actively involved in them.

Our process of investing is the same as for third-party investors. It is based on thorough understanding of the business, the people who run it and what the future will hold when the company gains access to sufficient capital.

Our request to invest is made only well after the project has been evaluate, analyzed and valued.

Services and Fees

No matter the searching program, the success depends on the time and effort invested. We ask clients to display commitment with an modest retainer, and a commission when our efforts result in a completed transaction.

A-B-C's of Investment Banking

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