Debt Placement

The old saying goes, "A banker loans you an umbrella until it rains, and then he wants it back." But with care, that situation can be avoided.

So how are over-worked business executives supposed to banks who want to lenders, who provide competitive rates and understand their businesses enough to be of great help in both boom and not-so-boom times?

It is not true there is a lender for almost every industry, every business and every situation - but almost so. The challenge is in finding the correct lender on the correct day who already has an appetite for lending to a business like yours.

Borrowing Takes Time

Getting in front of numerous lenders is job number one. But getting to the correct lender, the lender who is looking to loan to businesses like yours, is what we do.

You may find it strange, that we often don't know who is the best lender until we begin the process. And that quest is time consuming, talk consuming and even travel consuming. We do the work, handle the details, negotiate terms and arrange the closing.

Stonemark has been helping clients access capital for decades. We have done it for our own investment companies and for clients. The process is predictably successful for qualifying companies. But only if it is handled improperly.

The Walk About Approach

Today a great deal of the walking is actually on the phone and by email. But traveling to lenders can be necessary to assure them of commitment and quality.

Depending on your goals, we can pursue capital in a number of ways, one of which is sure to be right for you.

Services and Fees

No matter the searching program, the success depends on the time and effort invested. We ask clients to display commitment with an modest retainer, and a commission when our efforts result in a completed transaction.

A-B-C's of Investment Banking

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