Capital Arrangement

It has been said so many times that it is seldom noticed or heeded. "If we just had enough capital we could grow and profit even more.

Of course there are businesses and executives who have insufficient abilities and may not invest and utilize capital well for the lenders and investors.

Butt oddly, that lament is not much off the mark. Most businesses operate without sufficient working capital, seldom have enough cash for the kind of growth that actually could achieve,

Busy leaders have insufficient time, energy or contacts to know where to go for capital and how to present their legitimate needs.

Who You know. What You know

Getting in front of numerous investors is job number one. But getting to the correct capitalists, those anxious to support a businesses like yours, is what we do.

Investors are moving targets often changing their criteria or committing to others before learning you existed or had need of their help., That is why courting institutions and individuals takes time. We do the work, make the introductions, present your project , negotiate terms and arrange the closing.

Stonemark has been helping clients access capital for decades. We have done it for our own investment companies and for clients. The process is predictably successful for qualifying companies. But only if it is handled improperly.

Working Through the Obstacles.

Getting to investors takes time and persistence. Most are working overtime to find deals, but there is a long line so pushing for a proposal requires diligence. Much of our work is personal and traveling can be necessary to gain their trust and preference.

Depending on your goals, we can pursue capital in a number of ways, one of which is sure to be right for you.

Services and Fees

No matter the searching program, the success depends on the time and effort invested. We ask clients to display commitment with an modest retainer, and a commission when our efforts result in a completed transaction.

A-B-C's of Investment Banking

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