Acquisition Searches

For companies and private investors anxious to make significant purchases, the first step always - how to find worthy candidates. Those that fit your requirements and criteria.

Our answer is surprisingly simply, and amazing time consuming.

Our decades of experience tell us that only 2 to 3 percent of profitable desirable businesses are for sale at a given time. They are often semi-known to be for sale through intermediaries, accountants, attorneys and bankers.

Pursuing "for sale" companies may entail bidding against other buyers, and following a well trod path that can interfere with the get-to-know and get-to-the-facts process which actually slows down the deal, requires up front costs and time and decreases the chance of success.

The Direct Approach

Our methods are different. We research all possible candidates within your stated target, Make a very long list and then approach the leaders of those companies in strict confidence asking if they are ready to sell for the right price.

Surprisingly, we find that the number of companies willing to sell is much larger than those who want to go formally for sale. Sometimes as high as 20% of a given industry or category.

Better still, usually they are not talking with other buyers, are not shop-worn and the process can be more personable and increase the chance of completing a purchase.

Depending on your appetite, we can go about searching on your behalf in a number of ways