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Stephen C. Fletcher

Title: Partner
Careof: Stonemark
Address: PO Box 22987 Seattle, WA 98122 Seattle, WA 98102 USA
Work Phone: 800-323-2920
Fax: 888-628-0839
Web: Stonemark.net

Steve has been an in-demand consultant to businesses big and small for decades. He specializes in organizational setup, streamlining and profit motivation. He travels easily from board room to bank to hands-on operations. And he does all this while managing his own investments and business projects.

For years he has been President of United Broadcasting which distributes advertising to radio stations nationwide. The companies business model is unique and has never been successfully copied. Perhaps it is their domination of the industry or Steve's ability to recruit, train, administer and direct his executives and staff.

As an active Investor, Steve has participated in numerous start-ups and business acquisitions. Often he invests with long-tim partners who often give him the helm of their valuable assets.